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Book Cover - Tides Of Change

Tides of Change Across the Gulf – Land Use Section

Client: Gulf of Maine Council (2004)

Prepared Chapter 4 (Land Use) of the State of the Environment Report for the Gulf of Maine Council. Report included the history of development, including early logging and feeding the railway, and major urbanization from the late 1800s. Population and industrial change from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia with an emphasis on coastal developments. Work has continued since then on development of health of the environment indicators.

Map of Bay of Fundy in quads

GOMMI User Needs Analysis

Gulf of Maine Council (2004)

Prepared a User Needs Assessment for seabed mapping for the Gulf of Maine Mapping Initiative (GOMMI). GOMMI is a U.S.-Canadian partnership of government and non-government organizations, which aims to undertake comprehensive mapping of the Gulf of Maine seafloor. Priority areas for mapping were identified through stakeholder consultations and surveys (map on right)