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satellite image of Rustico Harbour

Strategic Environmental Assessment for Rustico Bay/Harbour

Client: Parks Canada and Fisheries & Oceans (2005)

As a leading practitioner of SEA in Atlantic Canada, CEF prepares studies that pull together coastal zone management, fisheries concerns, and climate change adaptation into a comprehensive approach to government decision-making. The Rustico Bay SEA was complex and controversial, reviewing fifty years of changes after the construction of a causeway blocked an inlet to the Bay. CEF carried out intensive community consultations, fisheries and biological analysis, and climate change projections.

Huge wave washes over causeway

Case Studies in Climate Change and Environmental Assessment and Planning

Client: CEAA and ClimAdapt Consortium (2003-2006)

CEF led the CliimAdapt team of private companies that authored an innovative guides to formally incorporate climate change considerations in the environmental assessment and land-use planning processes. The guides present an iterative methodology to ensure that climate projections are fully integrated into assessment, highlighting the importance of analysing potential effects of the surrounding environment on a project over time.