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CEF specializes in sensitive, effective and efficient communications and public consultations. We have a proven track record of pulling together successful consultations under seemingly impossible deadlines. CEF clients have also praised our smooth-running environmental education workshops, most recently on the interplay between seismic surveys and the Cape Breton fishery. We focus on interactive, work-book based sessions that give participants a feel for the 'how' as well as the 'what'.

CEF has completed many critical environmental policy consultations. For example, during the development of the new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, we worked for FEARO delivering workshops held across the Maritimes to provide input on the Law List and Comprehensive Studies regulations. For the new Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, we managed all aspects of public consultation sessions in four Atlantic provinces on process efficiency and cost recovery in CEAA. 

But meetings aren't the whole story; our eye for design and background knowledge ensure clearly written, attractive newsletters, backgrounders, issue papers, and brochures. For example, we recently produced public issue sheets for the Georges Bank Review Panel; PDF versions are available here.

CEF focuses on making sure all voices are heard and all points of view respected, whether we are coordinating highly technical stakeholder consultations on federal environmental assessment regulations, or holding kitchen meetings in a rural county to talk about waste management. We've worked with competing interest groups to find consensus on fisheries plans, facilitated networks between health and environment organizations, and written fact sheets for fishermen about offshore oil and gas development.

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In 1998, CEF prepared a set of 8 background papers for the joint federal-provincial panel which reviewed the possibility of lifting the moratorium on offshore oil and gas development on Georges Bank. The papers were the main public documents distributed by the panel, through their web site and on paper. They ranged from explanations of the engineering and environmental impacts of offshore developments, to public policy overviews of energy and emissions issues. One featured an innovative checklist for evaluating the global implications of a particular local project. Written to a grade eight standard, they relied on plain language and clear graphics to present balanced, accurate information.

We are pleased to present .pdf versions for you to download.  Please click here to link to our Resource Section, or click any one of the titles listed below:.

Consultations on Canadian Environmental Assessment 

CEF has completed two critical regional consultations on the structure and operations of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The first, for the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Office, saw us recruit participants, facilitate sessions and report on the workshops held across the Maritimes to provide input on the Law List and Comprehensive Studies regulations implementing the new Act. 

For the second, we managed all aspects of multi-stakeholder consultations in four Atlantic provinces on improving the efficiency of the federal environmental assessment process, and government recovery of some of the costs of that process. Our turn-outs for these consultations were by far and away the highest in Canada - over 45 people in Halifax alone - and we added, on the fly, a fifth consultation in Labrador in response to local concerns. We handled all logistics, and identified and recruited participants - environmental industries associations, environmentalist networks, aboriginal representatives, key industrial and resource exploitation sectors, and economic development agencies.

CEF designed workshops on how seismic surveying and the fisheries interact, tailored to the Cape Breton context. Working with international specialists from Fawley arl in Southampton and the Shetland Fishermens Association, we delivered all-day sessions that brought glowing reviews from participants. Modules included a review of the Gulf of St. Lawrence fisheries, the techniques of seismic surveying, the regulatory framework, international research on the environmental effects of seismic work, the experience of the Shetlands fishing community with offshore oil and gas development in the North Sea, and an interactive workbook on how impacts are assessed.

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