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CEF has been a key member of the ClimAdapt network since it was established in Halifax in 2002. ClimAdapt develops expertise in adaptation to climate change, with a focus on environmental impact assessment and land-use planning. CEFs' involvement in climate change and energy issues began in earnest with the 1990 Energy Roundtable, a broad-based workshop that established Nova Scotia's energy policy. In 1994, CEF developed policy tools for the Nova Scotia government to combat global warming. In 1996, we headed a team that reviewed implementation of the National Energy Codes, and developed measures to minimize the impacts of enforcement on building officials. CEF led the ClimAdapt group that developed a guide to incorporate climate change into the impact assessment process, and also led a case study application of the guide supported by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Mr. Collins, President of CEF, presented a poster on the Guide and case study application at the International Association of Impact Assessment in Marrakech in 2003, and presented a paper at the 2004 IAIA conference in Vancouver. He has also made numerous presentations on climate change, impact assessment and land-use planning in Atlantic Canada and at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Please check our resources page for the climate change guide (French and English) as well the report on climate change case studies.

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